Apple lanza XCode 4.4

Como con cada nueva versión mayor del sistema operativo, Apple ha lanzado una revisión de su herramienta de desarrollo XCode.

La versión 4.4 incluye las siguientes mejoras:
  • SDKs for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and iOS 5.1.
  • Enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.
  • Code completion persists your selections to give more accurate suggestions.
  • Objective-C @synthesize command is generated by default when using properties.
  • Objective-C adds literal syntax for numbers, arrays, dictionaries, and expressions when developing for OS X.
  • Apple LLVM compiler supports additional C++11 features, including lambdas.
  • Assistant editor tracks caller or callee for the current selection.
  • New localization workflow can share a single base .xib file for multiple locales on OS X.
  • Source control can commit individually selected changes.
  • ARC migration tool converts both retain/release and garbage collected code.
  • Fixes an issue where code completion could fail, requiring the user to delete derived
  • data. Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.
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